Ausbildungstage der BSZ für Elektrotechnik Dresden und Radeberg

Training days of the BSZ for Electrical Engineering Dresden and Radeberg

On March 11, 2023, Selectrona will be taking part as an exhibitor in both the "Training and Career Day" at the Dresden Vocational School Center for Electrical Engineering (BSZET) and the "Training Day" at the Radeberg Vocational School Center.

At the BSZET, Selectrona is focusing on the mechatronics technician apprenticeship. Interested young people can learn more about the contents of the 3.5-year, very practical apprenticeship. Our trainees learn, for example, how to coordinate the functions of mechanical, electrical and electronic components, how to independently assemble complex automation solutions or robots and install control software, and how to independently commission complex, technical systems.

At BSZ Radeberg, on the other hand, the focus is on training to become a process mechanic. During the three-year apprenticeship, which is also very practice-oriented, our trainees acquire the skills to install and set up injection molds, control production processes, ensure compliance with quality standards, and troubleshoot automated machines and systems.

For both professions, good performance in mathematics and physics, technical understanding, spatial awareness, manual dexterity and enjoyment of working with technology are fundamental prerequisites for successful training and enjoyment in everyday working life.

Organizational information can be found on the websites of the organizers: