Our most important quality objective is the perfection of all process developments and process sequences, as well as all products.

This objective is served by:

our systematic advance quality planning, which is already an essential part of the offer and feasibility phase. This is implemented in new projects as well as in tool overhauls, general repairs, and the development of subsequent tools, provided these are associated with design or process changes.



continuous quality monitoring – from the initial measurement to inspections accompanying production, and automated series measurement. State-of-the-art measuring and monitoring technology is used – adapted to the particular process and customer-specific features.

Special testing equipment, which we design and procure in the course of advance quality planning. The requirements specified within the scope of FMEA, inspection plan creation and complaints processing provide the basis for this.


Thanks to our integrated management system and the associated continuous improvement process, we guarantee excellent process stability and reproducibility. We work with certified suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring uniformly high quality standards across the entire supply chain.

We rise to the challenge of our social responsibility and act according to solid corporate ethical principles. Our customers find in us a partner on equal terms, who develops and manufactures complex parts and assemblies as integrated components at optimum cost and delivers them according to their requirements. By constantly working on leaner, more robust and more efficient processes, we as a company create reliability, stability and security.